Dr. Obi Visits Medikan Stem Cell Center In Seoul, Korea

Dr. Lewis J. Obi Returns to Korea to meet with World Renowned Stem Cell Expert Dr. Hee Young Lee.

marine-sargent-lewis-j-obiIt was both an educational and emotional journey for Marine Sargent Lewis Obi – Veteran of the Korean War. But this time he returned to Korea as a plastic surgeon on a much different front line. The front lines of stem cell clinical research.

Some of the most advanced clinical applications of stem cell therapeutics is being conducted by Dr. Hee Young Lee and his team at Medikan in Seoul. Dr. Obi met Dr Lee six years ago and acquired one of the first stem cell systems in the U.S. Maxstem™ is a totally enclosed system which processes adult fat into large numbers of viable stem cells. Dr Obi has used these cells in both his plastic surgery practice as well as in regenerative medicine. The next level of research now allows for expansion and storage of these stem cells. To date, the FDA has not allowed expansion nor storage of adult stem cells except for research purposes. However, this technology is currently in use offshore by many countries. Dr Lee and Medikan is currently installing their new expansion/storage systems worldwide including Japan and China. In anticipation of integrating this system into his stem cell practice, Dr. Obi trained with Dr Lee’s staff during his Korean visit.


Most of the other competing expansion/storage systems utilize an enzyme known as trypsin to harvest cells after expansion. This damages the cells and leads to unwanted mutations. Dr. Lee’s system integrates a unique enclosed culturing unit with an internal mechanical scraper that avoids the use of trypsin. This allows for producing larger number of divisions of cells without the danger of mutations. Dr. Obi worked at both Dr Lee’s plastic surgery clinic as well as his manufacturing plant during his July visit. Both of Dr. Lee’s facilities complies with the highest standards of laboratory protocol. The Japanese “FDA” basically follows the same standards of safety as the U.S. These are the standards that Dr. Lee complies with.



High level collaboration with investors and scientists will hopefully allow Dr. Obi to provide the advanced uses of stem cells to his patients here in the U.S. Numerous medical conditions including arthritis, strokes, myocardial infarction, blindness, spinal cord injuries and chronic wounds are now being treated with stem cells worldwide. Dr. Lee’s developing technology with expansion and storage of stem cells will facilitate these therapeutic efforts.
This fall Dr. Lewis Obi is conducting his Second Annual CSN of Florida Symposium entitled “Bioprinting and stem cells for healing on the battlefield and football field.” World famous bioprinter, Dr. Paul Gattenholm of Chalmers University in Sweden is only one of a large international faculty who will be presenting. In fact, Dr. Lee and his Korean team at Medikan have committed to participate. The Annual Stem Cell Symposium, like last year, will be co-hosted by Dr. Lewis Obi and Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville. Other researchers who have tentatively committed to lecture includes CSN co founder Dr. Mark Berman and world famous stem cell pioneer Dr Stuart Williams.

Cell Surgical Network of Florida
Chalmers University Sweden
Medikan International, Seoul

Present a Workshop on 3D BioPrinting / Stem Cells for
Healing on the Football and Battle Fields

October 27-28, 2016

Co-hosted by Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville
The Lewis J. Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic


Sponsored by Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic
Panergen™ and Medikan™

An evening Social Event at the Clinic of Dr. Lewis J. Obi, 3599 University Blvd. S. is scheduled of 7 P.M. on October 28, 2016. The Event is Hosted by Dr. Lewis Obi MD, USMC. and Mr David Gonzales, USMC. The Highlight of the Symposium will Commemorate the 236th Anniversary of the Continental Marines, (10 November 1776) Present day; The United States Marine Corps.

The future of medicine is in the area of stem cells and the primary source is adult fat. Dr Obi has worked in this area more than three decades. He lectures internationally and has been published in many articles including a book chapter. To date, his work has been entirely supported by his busy plastic surgery practice at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic and Cell Surgical Network of Florida. With outside investors and providers, Dr. Obi anticipates a significant expansion of these services for more patients. Also, an offshore integration of Dr. Lee’s new stem cell expansion system is under consideration. Primary treatments under current IRB guidelines have been provided to Dr. Obi’s patients for more than three years with a high level of success and no serious complications.

Below is a satellite Image of Modern Day Korea. Note the absence of development in North Korea versus the brightly lit and developed South Korea that was allowed in part by the U.S. involvement and defense of South Korea in the Korean War… A war worthy of our sacrifices.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi at The Korean War Memorial.

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