A Look Back at The 2017 Stem Cell Symposium and Workshop

The 2017 Stem Cell Symposium and Workshop was Sponsored by Pangenics Regenerative Center | Obi Plastic Surgery, and Memorial Hospital Jacksonville

The above video was shot during the 2017 Stem Cell Symposium Workshop. The Workshop which was held at the Pangenics Regenerative Center’s surgical center was originally limited to 30 physicians. However, as registrations increased, over 60 physicians attended the workshop.

Two operating rooms were fully staffed were demonstrations educated physicians on the preparation of Stromal Vascular Fraction, (SVF) and Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP). a 23 year old wounded warrior was treated in OR-1. And 45 year old 5th degree black belt martial artist was treated in OR-2.

After the two stem cell therapy demonstrations, 3D bio printing with adult stem cells was demonstrated by printing a nose, an ear and a heart valve.

We concluded the workshop demonstrations with stem cell & PRP injections of hips and knees, and intravenous stem cells were deployed in the recovery room.

During the workshop, all 60 attending physicians were rotated between OR-1 and OR-2, the recovery areas and lounge. The lounge area accommodated 50 physicians at a time, and allowed physicians to watch live video feeds of therapy taking place in OR-1 and OR-2. Two video cameras in each OR allowed for detailed video feeds of the procedures taking place.

An International Faculty of Stem Cell Experts lectured and Provided Stem Cell Training

This year we were honored to bring attendees in depth information and the results of extensive research from some of the world’s top stem cell experts. The faculty below provided training on stem cell preparation, storage and expansion, 3D Printing with Stem Cells and actually treating patients during the Stem cell workshop on Thursday, February 2nd. Then on Friday the 3rd, The Faculty delivered a day long symposium with nine different lectures. Topics included the advancements of stem cell therapy and therapy for the brain, orthopedic conditions, and 3D stem cell bioprinting of noses and ears.

We would like to thank each of the below faculty for helping to make this years stem cell workshop and symposium a huge success!

Lewis J. Obi, MD

Lewis J. Obi MD

Medical Director Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic and Cell Surgical Network of Florida.

Orlando Florete, MD

Orlando G. Florete, Jr., MD

President, Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and Medical Director, Institute of Pain Management.

Paul Gatenholm, PhD

Paul Gatenholm PhD

Director 3D Bioprinting & Biopolymer Technology, Chalmers University Sweden
Adjunct Professor: Virginia Tech and Wake Forest USA

Hee Young Lee, MD

Hee Young Lee, MD

CEO Medikan International

Nathan Bryan, PhD

Nathan Bryan PhD

HumanN™ – Nitric Oxide and Professor UT

Curtis Beauregard, MD

Curtis Beauregard, MD

Neurosurgeon & Pain MD, Nashville

Helmut Makosch, MSc

Helmut Makosch, MSc

Stem Cell Scientist. Jacksonville, FL.

Sean Berman

Sean Berman

Concussion Research Study Findings. Santa Monica, CA

Photos From The 2017 Stem Cell Workshop, Cocktail Reception and Symposium

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These photos were taken during the 2017 Stem Cell Workshop at Pangenics Regenerative Center, the cocktail reception which also took place at Pangenics after the workshop, Thursday evening, and during the symposium on Friday.

Feel free to share them with friends and associates!

Again, we would like to thank all who attended, the faculty for sharing their research and experience in the advancements of stem cell treatment and therapy, and all of the people who worked to make the 2017 Stem Cell Symposium a success!