Highlights From Our Stem Cell Therapy Educational Symposium “For Patients” on April 19th, at Epping Forest Yacht Club.

Pangenics Regenerative Center recently held it’s fourth Stem Cell Educational Symposium for Patients at the beautiful Epping Forrest Yacht Club along the the St. Johns River.

Pangenics Stem Cell Patient Symposium at Epping Forest

Jacksonville’s top Stem Cell Specialists explained how a patient’s own adult stem cells can be used as a therapy for a variety of injuries and ailments, and as an enhancement to plastic surgery procedures.

The Epping Forest event hosted more than 100 attendees who were interested in learning more about how their own adult stem cells could be used as a therapy for a variety of injuries and ailments. Presentations were provided by Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Kenneth Eaddy. Dr. Orlando Florete was unable to attend but his presentation focusing on stem cell therapy for spinal injuries and pain was presented by Dr. Kenneth Eaddy.

Presentations featured the latest Stem Cell Therapies for arthritis, autoimmune diseases, COPD, neurological disorders and sports injuries, and were well received by attendees. An extended question and answer session after the presentations allowed attendees to to get specific feedback from the specialists.

Our Next Stem Cell Symposium for Patients

Our next stem cell educational symposium is currently being planned to take place around the upcoming Tournament Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach at Sawgrass. We’ll post details here at www.stemcellsurgeryflorida.com as they become available.