Highlights from our Deerwood Stem Cell Symposium “For Patients” on July 26th, 2018.

Pangenics Regenerative Center recently held it’s largest Stem Cell Educational Symposium for Patients to date. The event took place at the Deerwood Country Club where over a hundred attendees learned not only about the healing power of Adipose Adult Stem Cells, they also learned about the exclusive methods in which Pangenics Regenerative Center is able to collect millions of live adult stem cells from the patient’s own body fat, and immediately use them for Arthritic Conditions, COPD and other degenerative conditions. The event drew media coverage from First Coast Living the previous week with Dr. Lewis J. Obi, Medical Director at Pangenics Regenerative Center sitting down for an interview with Charlene Shirk. Watch the full interview below.

Hear top stem cell specialists explained how a patient’s own adult stem cells can be used as a therapy for a variety of injuries and ailments, and as an enhancement to plastic surgery procedures.

Watch the Presentations by Stem Cell Specialists from Pangenics Regenerative Center; Dr. Lewis J. Obi and Dr. R. David Heekin.

Presentations featured the latest stem cell therapies for arthritis, autoimmune diseases, COPD, neurological disorders and sports injuries, and were well received by attendees. An extended question and answers session after the presentations allowed attendees to to get specific feedback from the specialists.

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