Highlights From Our First Stem Cell Therapy Educational Symposium “For Patients” in 2018

Stem Cell Therapy Candidates and others interested in learning how stem cells are being researched and used for a variety of injuries and ailments attended our two hour symposium to hear directly from the stem cell surgeons at Pangenics Regenerative Center.

On Monday, February 5, 2018, two days before the first Stem Cell Symposium for patients, stem cell surgeons from Pangenics Regenerative Center; Dr. Lewis Obi and Dr. Kenneth Eaddy, and Sean Im, Stem Cell Research Specialist were interviewed by First Coast Living about the research and therapy being performed at Pangenics.

An Educational and Informative Evening for all who attended.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi opened the evening by presenting the stem cell surgical team; Dr. David Heekin and Dr. Florete, and Dr. Kenneth Eaddy, and provided a presentation to over 70 attendees about the advanced research and therapy that are being performed at Pangenics.

Dr. Orlando Florete than spoke about stem cell research and therapy for spine pain and injuries, and how stem cells are being researched for therapy of other debilitating diseases. Dr. Florete is a leading pain management specialist and co-founder of Pangenics Regenerative Center.

Dr. Kenneth Eaddy spoke last to attendees about stem cell treatment for COPD. He discussed in detail, how the lungs function, the causes of COPD, and how stem cell therapy is being researched for this condition. Dr. Eaddy is an internal medicine surgeon who recently joined Pangenics. We are very pleased about his expertise further expanding our ability to serve our patients.

The evening concluded with a tour of the stem cell research lab located next door to Pangenics. Attendees we allowed to see first hand how stem cell research specialist Sean Im is helping to advance the use of stem cells in regenerative therapy.

If you would like to attend a stem cell therapy educational symposium for patients, simply call our offices at (904) 399-0905 to make a reservation for our next symposium. Because of the response, we may conduct the next symposium at a larger venue. The date and location of the next symposium will be announced here on the Pangenics web site.

Attendees Enjoyed Informative Discussions from Four Different Stem Cell Surgeons on a Range of Stem Cell Therapies

Stem Cell Surgeons, Dr. Lewis J. Obi, Dr. Orlando Florete and Dr. Kenneth Eaddy provided details in their areas of specialty including therapy for painful joint conditions and sports injuries, spine conditions, COPD and stem cell enhanced plastic surgery.

Live Demonstrations

Attendees were able watch Dr. Eaddy perform live demonstrations of stem cell injections for painful knee conditions.

Our Stem Cell Research Center

Attendees ended the evening with a tour of our neighboring Stem Cell Research Center where important research is being conducted to improve the effectiveness of adipose stem cell therapy for painful and debilitating conditions and diseases.