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Jacksonville Stem Cell Therapy Blog

News and Advancements in the use of adipose adult stem cells to provide therapy for a variety of medical conditions and diseases.

More Advancements in Stem Cell Therapy

A New Deep Tissue Laser Treatment for Joint Pain! Our Commitment to providing the most advanced stem cell therapy in Jacksonville and being the most advance Regenerative Center in the Southeast Continues. Introducing the CW HILT Laser A Deep Tissue Laser Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Painful Joint Conditions Pangenics Regenerative Center and Dr. Lewis [...]

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Who is Dr. Lewis J Obi?

What is in a Name? Dr. Lewis Obi, MD Founder and Medical Partner at Pangenics Regenerative Center is not only a name but a well-deserved title. With decades of medical experience and success working with adipose-derived (body fat) stem cells, Dr. Obi has established the Pangenics Regenerative Center. This center provides the first regulated [...]

Pangenics Regenerative Center COVID Policies and Precautions

We care about our Patients and Staff! At Pangenics Regenerative Center, we have been dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment within the guidelines of AHCA licensure and the CCD. Due to COVID, we have been taking extra steps within our facility to ensure patient safety. Here are just some of the Pangenics [...]

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Over a Decade of Stem Cell Research and a Bold Vision for the Future

More than a Decade of Stem Cell Therapy and Research! We thought it would be interesting for those interested in Stem Cell Therapy to gather together the Therapy and Research Highlights that have take place at Pangenics Regenerative Center and Obi Plastic Surgery over the last decade. Dr. Lewis J. Obi [...]

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A Look Back at Our October 17th Stem Cell Symposium

Thank You! We would like to thank everyone who attended our October 17th stem cell symposium at Epping Forest Yacht Club. Guests enjoyed informative lectures about the different medical conditions that are responding to stem cell therapy which is being carefully documented under multiple IRB studies at Pangenics Regenerative Center. Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Kenneth J. Eaddy spoke [...]

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Stem Cell Educational Symposium for Patients

Join Us Thursday, October 17th at 6:30 PM for a very informative, educational symposium about Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Pangenics' Board Certified Surgeons will explain how a patient's own adult stem cells can be used as a therapy for painful joint conditions, arthritis and even to enrich fat used in plastic surgery procedures. Reserve Your Seat Today! Call [...]

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