Stem Cell Back Pain Treatment in Jacksonville

Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy and Therapy for Neck Pain, Spinal Injuries and Other Degenerative and Arthritic Conditions that Cause Pain.

orlando-g-florete-md-jacksonvilleSpine and Neck Pain Therapy with Stem Cells

Stem Cell Experts in Pain Management provide Advanced Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy at Pangenics Regenerative Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kenneth J Eaddy, MD
Internal Medicine and Pain Management

Specializes in joint, soft tissue, and systemic Stem Cell Therapy for chronic degenerative conditions.

Stem Cell Back Pain Treatment

At Pangenics Regenerative Center, Dr. Eaddy uses a Neck Arthritis and Spine Disease Treatment Protocol that attempts to exploit the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of SVF, (Stromal Vascular Fraction). SVF is produced by harvesting a patients own mesenchymal stem cells from unwanted body fat. SVF contains thousands if not millions in mesenchymal stem cells and important growth factors that promote the activity of the stem cells at the site of treatment.

The Stem Cell Therapy Protocol begins with therapy target planning to identify inflamed or degenerated joints along the cervical spine. Once the targeted therapy areas are identified, SVF which again contains large quantities of mesenchymal stem cells is precisely deployed at the target site where they go to work to become replacement cells and perform their natural regenerative work. Best of all, Stem Cell Therapy is minimally-invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. The entire procedure takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain or Arthritis, and Spinal Degenerative Conditions

Stem Cell Treatments for Spine and Back Injuries

Degenerative disk disease and facet arthropathy, (a type of arthritis) are often the cause of back pain. Many forms of back pain are actually due to arthritis of the facet joints. These are the small joints between each vertebrae. The cartilage or “disks” in your spine can become damaged in a accident or worn as a result of disease causing severe back pain.

How Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy is Performed

Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy is performed under local anesthetic on an out-patient basis at Pangenics Regenerative Center’s ambulatory surgical center. Stem Cell Therapy begins with a sterile, closed surgical procedure to collect unwanted body fat with mini-liposuction. Your, (autologous) fat is then processed to produce stromal vascular fraction, (SVF). Stromal vascular fraction contains a mononuclear cell line, (predominantly autologous mesenchymal stem cells), macrophage cells, endothelial cells, red blood cells, and important growth factors that facilitate the Stem Cell Therapy and promote the activity of the stem cells. This method of harvesting adult stem cells from body fat allows for the collection of 2500 times the quantities that can be collected from bone marrow. Learn More About Stem Cells and Stem Cell Treatment

After the SVF is prepared, Dr. Eaddy will inject the SVF into the targeted therapy areas of the spine. Dr. Eaddy’s vast experience with spinal conditions and spine pain treatment allows for very accurate treatment with very large quantities of stem cells being introduced into the affected area of your joints.

After your treatment, millions of your stem cells respond to signals being broadcasted by the failing and damaged cells at the site of therapy. These “mesenchymal stem cells” differentiate into bone and cartilage, and probably all other mesodermal elements, such as fat, connective tissue, blood vessels, muscle and nerve tissue, to become replacements for your damaged cells.

Depending on the number of therapy ares, Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy generally takes between 3 to 5 hours to harvest your adipose body fat, prepare the SVF, and deploy millions of your adult stem cells to the targeted therapy ares.

Are You A Candidate for Cell Back Pain Treatment?

If you are experiencing chronic back pain or neck pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eaddy by calling (904) 399-0905 or by using the form to the right. Dr. Eaddy will evaluate your condition carefully to determine if you are a candidate and are likely to benefit from Stem Cell Back Pain Therapy.