Join Us Thursday, October 17th at 6:30 PM for a very informative, educational symposium about Adult Stem Cell Therapy.

Pangenics’ Board Certified Surgeons will explain how a patient’s own adult stem cells can be used as a therapy for painful joint conditions, arthritis and even to enrich fat used in plastic surgery procedures.

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    Is there a particular ailment or injury you are interested in learning about stem cell therapy for?

    Dr Lewis J. Obi, medical director at Pangenics Regenerative Center, along with Surgeon Dr. Kennth Eaddy will conduct a stem cell therapy patient educational symposium Thursday, October 17th. This symposium is being held at the beautiful Epping Forest Yacht Club on San Jose Blvd., in Jacksonville’s South Side.

    Stem Cell Injections by Dr. Kenneth Eaddy at Pangenics Regenerative Center

    Dr. Obi will welcome guests with an introduction to Pangenics Regenerative Center and each of our surgeons will speak on different areas of stem cell therapy and how it can lead to improvements for painful joint conditions and other degenerative diseases.

    After the lectures, you will be able to speak personally with a Pangenics surgeon and discuss your particular injury or condition and learn how adult stem cell therapy might be right for you.

    If you are interested in attending this stem cell therapy educational symposium, simply call our offices at (904) 399-0905 to make reservations. There are only 75 seats available, so be sure and reserve your spot today by calling (904) 399-0905.

    Pangenics is an Advanced Stem Cell Research Center located in Jacksonville, Florida. We are performing important research in the use of adipose adult stem cells as a therapy for a variety of painful joint and spine conditions, certain diseases, and even as an enhancement to plastic surgery results.

    Pangenics Regenerative Center provides many of the the most advanced stem cell and PRP therapies in the nation. We provide these therapies under multiple IRBs to study and document the benefits of stem cell therapy. Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Kenneth Eaddy are board certified surgeons who provide stem cell therapy at our on-site Surgical Center, a state licensed ambulatory surgical center with an excellent record on patient safety.

    Only “Adipose Derived”, (From the patients own body fat) adult stem cells, freshly harvested and processed at the time of the therapy can provide viable cells in such large numbers without the need for storage and expansion. At our symposiums, we explain the complex 36 step process of preparing millions of a patient’s viable cells from adult fat, and verifying stem cell counts with advanced cell counters.

    Dr. Lewis Obi and Pangenics Regenerative Center’s surgical team regularly provide patient symposiums about both the clinical and research applications of adult stem cells. We do not use any cells derived from human embryos including cord and placental cells such as those commonly used by other providers. Also, we do not perform traumatic nor invasive bone marrow procedures which only yield a fraction of the number of viable stem cells that adult fat contains. Harvesting two ounces of fat and injecting millions of stem cells combined with PRP, (Platelet Rich Plasma) involves minimal discomfort.

    Our database of patients includes a high success rate with knees, hips and most joints. Stem Cell Therapy can be used for all levels of spinal conditions with precise placements possible only with the fluoroscopic X-ray (C-Arm) imaging that is simply not achievable with ultrasound. Pre and post therapy MRI’s are performed for objective tracking which is also part of our IRB study.

    Reserve your seat today for this very informative symposium by calling (904) 399-0905./