Hear from Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lewis Obi, and Learn About all of the New Stem Cell/PRP Therapies Available at CSN Florida!

During this informative “Patient Oriented” Stem Cell Symposium, you will learn directly from Dr. Lewis J. Obi; What exactly are stem cells and how do they help treat injuries and ailments. How Adipose Adult Stem Cells are collected and prepared, and how they are injected both at the site of the ailment and intravenously to treat a variety of ailments and injuries.

Attendees will also have the rare opportunity to watch a live Video Feed of a stem cell treatment during the symposium!

Limited Seating!
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Thursday Evening, September 21st
From 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM


Cell Surgical Network of Florida
& Obi Plastic Surgery

3599 University Blvd., Suite 604
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Drinks and Buffet

Limited Seating!
Reserve Your Spot Today by Calling (904) 399-0905

Cell Surgical Network of Florida is conducting their first patient symposium on Thursday from 5:00 PM to 7:30 P.M. at the the eloquent offices and surgical center of Dr. Lewis Obi’s Plastic Surgery Clinic. Buffet and drinks will also be served following live demonstrations. Patients are also encouraged to bring friends who are interested in learning more about stem cell/PRP treatments.

Audience size is limited and reservations are required. Be sure to call 904 399-0905 and reserve your seat no later than Monday, September 18th.

CSN of Florida provides the most advanced stem cell and PRP therapies in Jacksonville, and is a major affiliate of the largest stem cell network in the world. Together we have safely treated more than 5000 patients without any major incidents. Dr Lewis Obi is board certified and provids stem cell treatments in the safest fully licensed center in Jacksonville. Our Specialists work closely together studying the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapy under a national IRB treatment protocol much different then other so called stem cell providers.

Only “Adipose Derived”, (From the patients own body fat) adult stem cells, freshly harvested and processed at the time of the treatment can provide viable cells in such large numbers without the need for storage and expansion. At our symposium, we will demonstrate the complex 26 step process of preparing millions of viable cells from adult fat, and verifying stem cells counts with advanced cell counters.

In our efforts to advance the use of adult stem cells, we have recently added a private stem cell research lab staffed by Medikan International laboratory technicians from Seoul, Korea and Baylor trained stem cell PhD Dr. Signe Carlson, who will provide attendees with a sneak preview of our research lab during the symposium.

Dr Lewis Obi and Cell Surgical Network of Florida will be the first ever to present a live patient symposium of this depth and scope into both the clinical and research applications of adult stem cells. We do not use any cells derived from human embryos including cord and placental cells other providers commonly utilize. Also, we do not perform traumatic nor invasive bone marrow procedures which only yield a fraction of viable stem cells that adult fat contains. Therefore, harvesting two ounces of fat and injecting millions of stem cells with PRP, results in only minimal discomfort and short term limitations.

Our database of patients includes a confirmed 80% success rate with knees, hips and most joints. All levels of spinal conditions are now being treated with precise placements possible only with the fluoroscopic X-ray (C-Arm) imaging that is simply not achievable with ultrasound. Pre and post treatment MRI’s are performed for objective tracking which is part of our IRB study.

Join us for this insightful symposium and get answers to all of your questions about adipose adult stem cell treatments. We look forward to meeting you Thursday, September 21st.

Limited Seating!
Reserve Your Spot Today by Calling (904) 399-0905