Stem Cell Plastic Surgery at Pangenics Regenerative Center

Scarless Stem Cell Facelifts, Scarless Stem Cell Breast Augmentation and Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Transfers are All Leading to Faster Recovery Times and More Natural and Lasting Results.

Stem Cell Plastic Surgery

A Less-Invasive, More Natural Approach to Plastic Surgery

At Pangenics Regenerative Center, patients enjoy the confidence of having a very experienced, board certified Plastic Surgeon perform any treatment or procedure they may elect to have in the ares of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. In fact, Dr. Obi has pioneered many of the exclusive techniques available at Pangenics Regenerative Center and at his plastic surgery practice; Obi Plastic Surgery.

If you are considering facial plastic surgery, breast surgery or even body contouring, be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our areas most respected plastic surgeon and stem cell expert. And learn about the advantages of how stem cell enhanced plastic surgery is much less invasive, leads to less bruising, requires less time to recover and is often less expensive than traditional plastic surgery.

Enhance Your Results with Your Own Adipose Stem Cells

Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift

Stem Cell Enhanced Facelifts, Brow lifts, Eyelid Surgery and Nose Surgery!

Imagine your own stem cells from unwanted fat being transferred as a natural filler to areas of your face and neck to fill fine lines and wrinkles. The “OperaLift” Stem Cell Fat Transfer combined with SlimLipo® Laser Lipo is minimally-invasive, and this “Exclusive” procedure has shown to create more natural and lasting results. Facial Stem Cell Procedures with PRP also result in less bruising and require less recovery time.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Scarless Stem Cell Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift and Breast Reconstruction.

Stem cells from your unwanted body fat are transferred and combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a natural filler to enlarge and contour or reconstruct your breast(s) to produce a more natural appearance with lasting results. Stem Cell Breast Augmentation is a non-invasive procedure, performed under local anesthesia. Stem Cell Breast Augmentation is scarless, produces less bruising and requires less recovery time.

Stem Cell Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting and Body Contouring with Your Own Adult Stem Cells

Your Own Stem Cell Enriched Body Fat can be transferred from your waist, thighs or back, sculpting one area, and used as a natural filler to enhance breasts or butt or to contour and enhance other areas of your body. Stem Cell Fat Transfer is also non-invasive and performed under local anesthesia. Stem Cell body contouring as with other stem cell fat transfer procedures also results in less bruising and requires less recovery time.

More Stem Cell Plastic Surgery Procedures

The “Operalift” is a Non-Invasive alternative with Huge Advantages over Traditional Facelifts

The OPERA Lift Stem Cell Enhanced Face Lift is an entirely new concept in facelift surgery all together. In place of highly invasive surgery that creates unavoidable scars, extensive bruising and often requires months to enjoy the full benefits, Dr. Obi combines delicate laser liposuction – skin tightening, your own stem cell enriched body fat, and Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) to remove years of aging from your face and neck without invasive surgery. The benefits are immense. The “Exclusive” OperaLift is considerably less expensive than traditional facelift surgery, there is no scaring because there are no incisions required. Bruising is greatly reduced with PRP, and downtime is reduced from 2-3 weeks to 7-10 days for the the OperaLift Major and as little as 3 days for the OperaLift Minor. Learn all of the details about Stem Cell Enhanced Facelifts.

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. A Non-Invasive, Scarless Breast Augmentation

Excess body fat can be safely transferred to enlarge, shape and contour breasts. Dr. Lewis J. Obi in cooperation with other surgeons here in the United States and in Korea are working with a stem cell collection and preparation method called “Stromal Vascular Fraction”, (SVF) as part of an approved IRB. SVF is an enclosed sterile process for collecting and preparing millions of your adult stem cells from excess body fat, (not bone marrow) for use in stem cell treatments. In the case of Stem Cell Enhanced Breast Augmentation and Breast Reconstruction, millions of your adult stem cells are combined with transferred body fat and Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) to dramatically increase the survival rate of the transferred fat that is then used to enlarge, shape and contour breasts. Learn the details about this procedure.

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