A Look Back at Our First Stem Cell Therapy Educational Symposium “For Patients”

Potential Therapy Candidates from all over Northeast Florida learned directly from stem cell surgeons, exactly how adult stem cells are collected, prepared and used in therapy for a variety of injuries and ailments.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Florete conducted their first Stem Cell Therapy Educational Symposium on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. Though we had originally limited the number of attendees to 50, overwhelming interest in the advancements in stem cell therapies taking place at Pangenics Regenerative Center caused us to accommodate of 70 attendees  for the event.

In the evening after working hours, The Stem Cell Surgical Team and Staff at Pangenics educated attendees about stem cells in general and how our own bodies produce them. Live demonstrations allowed everyone to see exactly how Stem Cell Therapy is performed, how the patient’s own stem cells are first collected, then carefully prepared, and finally, how they are injected both intravenously and directly at the therapy site in large quantities to help the patient’s own body heal itself.

Because of the overwhelming interest and positive feedback we received from attendees of our first patient oriented stem cell symposium, we are actively planning additional stem cell educational symposiums each month through the end of 2017. The next symposium will take place in October with expanded accommodations. It will again be held at Pangenics Regenerative Center / Obi Plastic Surgery’s surgical center in order to allow for live demonstrations. We are tentatively planning to offer the November Educational Stem Cell Symposium either in Orlando or Tampa. And while Dr. Obi will be lecturing on Stem Cell Therapy in Egypt at Alexandria’s Medical School in December, we are still planning to conduct another educational symposium in December.

If you are interested in attending a Stem Cell Therapy educational symposium, simply call our offices at (904) 399-0905 to make reservations. Again, because these symposiums take place at Pangenics Regenerative Center / Obi Plastic Surgery Surgical Center. Space is limited and seats are generally booked a month or so in advance. So be sure and reserve your spot today by calling (904) 399-0905.

An Educational and Informative Discussion about the Healing Power of Your Own Adult Stem Cells

Stem Cell Surgeons, Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Orlando Florete offered attendees a clear and understandable explanation of exactly what mesenchymal adult stem cells are and how they help us heal throughout our lives. Then explained how they can be safely collected and concentrated through direct injections for therapy of a variety of injuries and ailments.

Live Demonstrations

Attendees were able to see first hand how Stem Cell Surgeons, Dr. Lewis J. Obi, and Dr. Orlando Florete provided stem cell therapy for patients suffering with back pain, joint pain and other ailments.

An Advanced Stem Cell Research Center

Attendees were also able to see where important stem cell research continues. Pangenics Regenerative Center Stem Cell Research Center is conducting research that continues to advance the use of adult stem cells and their use in therapy for individuals suffering with painful and debilitating conditions and diseases.

Pangenics Regenerative Center provides many of the the most advanced stem cell and PRP therapies in the nation, and is a major affiliate of the largest stem cell network in the world. Together we have safely provided Stem Cell Therapy for more than 5000 patients without any major incidents. Dr David Heekin, Dr Lewis Obi and Dr Orlando Florete are Board Certified and highly respected specialists providing Stem Cell Therapy in the safest fully licensed center in Jacksonville. Our Specialists work closely together studying the safety and efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy under a national IRB treatment protocol which is much different then other so called stem cell providers.

Only “Adipose Derived”, (From the patients own body fat) adult stem cells, freshly harvested and processed at the time of the therapy can provide viable cells in such large numbers without the need for storage and expansion. At our symposium, we demonstrated the complex 26 step process of preparing millions of viable cells from adult fat, and verifying stem cells counts with advanced cell counters.

In our efforts to advance the use of adult stem cells, we have established a private stem cell research lab staffed by Medikan International laboratory technicians from Seoul, Korea and Baylor trained stem cell PhD Dr. Signe Carlson, who provided attendees with a sneak preview of our research lab during the symposium.

Dr Lewis Obi and Pangenics Regenerative Center is the first ever to present a live patient symposium of this depth and scope into both the clinical and research applications of adult stem cells. We do not use any cells derived from human embryos including cord and placental cells other providers commonly utilize. Also, we do not perform traumatic nor invasive bone marrow procedures which only yield a fraction of viable stem cells com[pared to the quantities adult fat contains. Therefore, harvesting two ounces of fat and injecting millions of stem cells with PRP, results in only minimal discomfort and short term limitations.

Our database of patients includes a confirmed 80% success rate with knees, hips and most joints. All levels of spinal conditions are now receiving therapy with precise placements possible only with the fluoroscopic X-ray (C-Arm) imaging that is simply not achievable with ultrasound. Pre and post treatment MRI’s are performed for objective tracking which is part of our IRB study.