Stem Cell Therapy Videos

We are extremely excited about the ground breaking advancements Dr. Obi and his team of stem cell specialists are pioneering here at Pangenics Regenerative Center. Below we have gathered some of the most important news, surgical advancements, and new technologies and procedures we are using to advance the techniques used in the stem cell therapy for a variety of painful regenerative conditions, sports injuries, and even in the enhancement of plastic surgery procedures.

Educating Patients about Adipose Adult Stem Cells and their use in Regenerative Therapies

In February 2018, The Pangenics Regenerative Center continued to educate patients at another of it’s Stem Cell Educational Symposium for Patients. Pangenics conducts regular patient educational symposiums to keep patients up to date on the latest advancements and available stem cell therapies and technology.

Click the image of the First Coast Living interview to watch.

Processing and Preparing Millions of Your Adipose Stem Cells

The two videos below show how the stem cell surgeons and technicians at Pangenics Regenerative Center collect millions of a patient’s own “Adipose” adult stem cells from unwanted body fat, (NOT from bone marrow that offers much lower counts of stem cells). These videos document how your adult stem cells can be harvested, prepared and used to provide therapy for a variety of painful medical conditions and enhance plastic surgery results all during the same procedure.